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White Kraft Currency Straps

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Currency Straps

Currency Straps 20# white bands conform to Federal Reserve standards Color-coded currency straps are printed with color-coded bar and conform to Federal Reserve Bank requirements for banding currency when used to hold 100 notes per band.  These ¼” wide kraft straps are self sealing.  Great for banks, supermarkets casinos, arcades, hotels, retail shops, currency exchanges, and laundromats. Currency Straps are packed 1000 straps per box. 

    • 20# white kraft paper wrappers with self-sealing adhesive
    • Color-coded straps with capacity noted
    • Conforms to Federal Reserve Standards, when used to hold 100 notes per band
    • Eleven capacities available
    • Color(s) Black-$25.00 Purple-$50.00 Orange-$50.00 Blue-$100.00 Green-$200.00 Pink-$250.00 Red-$500.00 Yellow-$1000.00 Violet-$2000.00 Brown-$5000.00 Mustard-$10,000.00 
    • Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Violet, Brown, and Mustard are American Bankers Association (ABA) complian
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