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My Charity Blog

My Charity Blog

  • Have you heard about our latest contribution to your fundraising?

    My Charity Boxes is proud to announce we have partnered with The Fundraising Coach and we hereby present: The &#8220;Ask Without Fear!&#8221; Master Class for mastering fundamental fundraising skills. Fundraising is no simple task, and we&#8217;d like to get involved in helping you raise money for your non-profit organization. The most powerful asset to your<a href=""> <br /><br /> (More)…</a>

  • Simply Striking

    Yesterday, on my way out of the office, I did a double take. There on the windowsill was one of the more striking pieces I&#8217;ve seen here. The box was made of natural wood and had a clear face front for display. Usually, the clear front display is used to slip a sheet of information<a href=""> <br /><br /> (More)…</a>

  • Increase your Fundraising by Increasing your Collection Boxes

    With just a bit of thought, you can increase your collection funds exponentially. Just imagine this: Every one of your very passionate supporters received a handsome desktop collection box and placed it on their desk in their place of work (check out item # wood-10).  Their colleagues stop by at their desk and inquire about your<a href=""> <br /><br /> (More)…</a>

  • Ballot Boxes, Suggestion Boxes and Comment Boxes

    Ballot Boxes, Suggestion Boxes and Comment Boxes Ballot Boxes have been around since the 1800&#8217;s and used worldwide. Ballot boxes are typically locked boxes with a slot on top or at the side. Ballot boxes are generally used in elections to collect votes. Voters drop their private ballots into the locked boxes, and at the<a href=""> <br /><br /> (More)…</a>

  • New Year & Great New Look

    It&#8217;s a new year 2013 and My Charity Boxes got a Fresh New Look! For the last couple of months, we&#8217;ve been adding a bunch of new products to our catalog and constantly enhancing our website to make your browsing and shopping experience a pleasant one. Take a look at our new product images as well as<a href=""> <br /><br /> (More)…</a>

  • 5 Fundraising Ideas

    5 Fundraising Solutions Available to Non-Profit Organizations: Fundraising has been around for an eternity. Organizations have come up with different ideas for fundraising all of which are great and help raise money for the poor &#38; homeless, schools &#38; churches, sick and unfortunate amongst our people. Some of the traditional fundraising ideas are: Telemarketing Direct<a href=""> <br /><br /> (More)…</a>

  • Emergency Fundraisers

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Federal and private efforts like FEMA and the American Red Cross, are responding remarkably well. But these efforts cannot meet the essential individualized needs that are beginning to arise. Due to the hardship that large communities are facing, many organizations began appealing to their communities in desperate demand to<a href=""> <br /><br /> (More)…</a>

  • Innovative Fundraising Ideas

    Our latest fundraising idea is to offer incentives. Consider this. You give a coin to a charity and out pops a little prize for it? Sounds like a reason to give another coin and you have an opportunity to receive another little treasure to bring home! Our newly designed &#8220;gumball container donation box&#8221; offers non-profit<a href=""> <br /><br /> (More)…</a>

  • Protect Your Donations From Theft!

    Lock the donation boxes. Chain them. Don&#8217;t allow thieves to rob your charity from much needed funds. Recently many donation boxes have been stolen worldwide. Donation boxes in the UK have been removed from checkout counters, their donations lost to the unknown thieves. Police in the UK are therefore urging businesses and organizations to make<a href=""> <br /><br /> (More)…</a>

  • Stand Free Wood!

    Mycharityboxes is pleased to announce that we are just shipping out for the first time our brand new Wood Stand Free Donation Box!! Standing tall and sturdy, this donation box is eye catching! It is sure to do good fundraising for your nonprofit organization! This donation box was custom designed for one of our loyal<a href=""> <br /><br /> (More)…</a>